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 SSD Pit-Pro & Phidget Multiple PitBox Support

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PostSubject: SSD Pit-Pro & Phidget Multiple PitBox Support   3/5/2012, 07:48

As per: http://pclapcounter.winnerbb.net/t999-scalextric-apb-and-phidget-pit-detection#4334, support the following scenario:

1. Option to use Pit-Pro using 2 sensors to limit pit lane speed only.
2. Use Phidget inputs to detect pit stops per lane (car ID). - I believe PC Lap Counter already supports this but putting it here to complete scenario.

So, workflow is:

Car passes first Pit-Pro sensor, car is speed limited. Car pulls into a pit box and stops over the Phidget sensor. Car refuels based on Phidget input lane (car ID). Car leaves pit box, stops refueling. Car passes second Pit-Pro sensor, car is no longer speed limited.

Obviously if car just stops in pit lane anywhere, refueling shouldn't happen (like it does now). See thread above for more information.
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SSD Pit-Pro & Phidget Multiple PitBox Support
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