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 Race Night with Pace Cars

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The Falcon Raceway

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PostSubject: Race Night with Pace Cars   23/5/2012, 12:12


Trying to setup this race with SSD PBPro SH base unit

This Thursday we are looking at running a race night for our LeMans class, This runs with LMP and GT cars
The LMP cars doing longer on a tank of fuel to simulate the faster speed they would have on track
As I can't see how to make them faster than the GT cars in the software

Now we are only expecting 5 of us this week so I would like to run each heat with 3 drivers and 3 pace cars,
as this will leave 2 people to marshall each race

The format we run for this class is 15 mins heats with a point for each lap completed and 5 points for the fastest lap plus normal race win points for 1,2 3rd etc.

SO how do I set this up so I get 3 pace cars in each heat and also fixed lanes I would like to run them as ID 1,2 and 6

Any help apreciated

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PostSubject: Re: Race Night with Pace Cars   23/5/2012, 14:25

The heat editor can't generate this kind of race but with the export/import feature of the heat editor you can do it:
- in the heat editor generate the heats for drivers only (no ghost) by using lanes 3,4,5 and when it 's ok click on the "Export" Button and specify the file name
- in notepad or Excel edit the file and add the Ghost on lanes 1,2,6
- in the heat editor click on the "Import" button and that's it

I made a little video with a simple example: