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 Lights / BlinkM or Project CYZ_RGB support

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PostSubject: Lights / BlinkM or Project CYZ_RGB support   26/9/2012, 09:59

Hi guy

I'm just wondering if it's possible to add support for BlinkM's or CYZ_RGB firmware loaded onto appropriate chips - That way RGB Lights could be controlled via I2C communications. I think they'd be practical as it'd only use 4 lines of wiring for the entire main loop of wiring.

BlinkM seem to sell a USB adaptor, but they also have a means to load a sketch onto an Arduino board and talk to the lights by that means.

I have a bunch of street lights i've made up and would love to add the control of them to the circuit so when there's no calls, they're white, yellow flags give yellow flashes, etc.

I was thinking maybe PC Lap counter could execute an external program to change lights on this basis similar to how lights have the "Pin to change" option. Except it would be "Program to execute."

Thanks for your continued work.

CYZ RGB BlinkM Clones Article for Reference
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Lights / BlinkM or Project CYZ_RGB support
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