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 Automatic Track Call

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PostSubject: Automatic Track Call   8/3/2013, 00:06

I was wondering if you could implement automatic track call into SSD. I was thinking that since you can tell what cars are on the track (when programming cars) could you do a track call after a certain length of time (to account for flippers) when a car is off. Or is the programming a special thing which wouldn't allow cars to continue round the track while checking if a car has fallen off.
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PostSubject: Re: Automatic Track Call   8/3/2013, 00:16

Already available, look here http://www.pclapcounter.be/ssda6c70scalextric_digital_c7042.html

pclapcounter video channel
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PostSubject: Re: Automatic Track Call   8/3/2013, 00:31

Yes, but what about if you are still pressing the throttle, I know it would be a bit stupid, but that isn't to do with cars on the track, that's to do with throttle pressed. Unless when a car comes off the throttle is sero?
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PostSubject: reply   9/3/2013, 02:08

Sleepykid, in regards to the automatic track call,
it's already in the program. I don't understand why you would keep the trigger squeezed after your car falls off the track.
as long as you have the trottle pulled the program still believes that your car is on the track as the software has no way to sense a voltage or amperage drop.
for example if you start a race with no car on the track and pull the trigger you will notice that the fuel will go down as if you had a car on the track the program and the APB have no way to know if this is or isn't a car on the track. to me it only seems natural that if your car falls off you stop pulling the trigger

AS far as your post about programming the cars.
it really is extremely easy as it is
place your car on the track
hold down the start button on the APB till the light flashes
pick up any controller
hit the brake button
done. if there is an easier way that you have thought of please explain your thoughts on it, Guy is always very responsive to new demands so long as you explain yourself well enough, and there are a fair amount of requests for it. and most importantly that it can be done
the program as it is, is the best program I have seen, yes there are always upgrades that can be doneand Guy does a great job implementing changes fairly regularly, Welcome to the forum. If you have any problems understanding how to do something feel free to post it and Guy or one of the members will be glad to walk you through it Rick (THESLOTCARGUY aka TSCG)
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PostSubject: Re: Automatic Track Call   

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Automatic Track Call
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