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 RFID Cards - Power Limiter Links

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PostSubject: RFID Cards - Power Limiter Links   20/3/2013, 13:08

Hi guy,

Simple idea really - do you think you could add a feature in PCLC that would associate a RFID Card number with a set power limit...

For example,
Card 1 - 30%
Card 2 - 40%
Card 3 - 50%
Card 4 - 60%
Card 5 - 100%

So, say if we went from an adult race to a juniors race, one card could be scanned at the terminals by a marshall and automatically adjust the drivers to 40%.

I know you can set the limit for a driver, but when you've gotta dive into 6 individual driver profiles before each race, it slows things up a bit. I just figured this might an idea to speed things up a bit.
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RFID Cards - Power Limiter Links
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