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 The setup we are looking for

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PostSubject: The setup we are looking for   5/10/2006, 00:52

Hi again Guy

Really appreciate your quick responses


To be sure our race type i possible in the software, here is the precise description.

On race night we are between 8-18 guys using a 4 lane circuit

All drivers must drive in all lanes - the opponents random selection by the program for each heat - further it is important that as far as possible the same drivers are not selected each time = spread of opponents that are the same for the races

1. place = 3 points
2. place = 2 points
3. place = 1 point
4. place = 0 points

fastest lap in each heat is awarded 1 point

1. place gets 3 points
2. place gets 2 points + 1 for fastest lap in heat
3. place gets 1 point
4. place gets 0 points

Is it possible to have PCLapcounter make this kind of heats + automatic points for same - including a summary - also that it recognizes that number of drivers varies?

Hope this is sufficiently described - otherwise please ask for further info


Looking forward to hearing from you - (might have 3 danish clubs interested if this is possible)

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PostSubject: Re: The setup we are looking for   5/10/2006, 20:44

Try the heat editor, concerning point you can use the championship functionnality but actualy point is set against driver position and no possibility to give more point for fastest lap (this is on my whish list).

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The setup we are looking for
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