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 Serial interface Setting

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PostSubject: Serial interface Setting   26/10/2013, 14:22

In order to develop a "small" serial interface (not only arduino but also with a pic processor) maybe useful
add a "Protocol custom string" for every input/output


[IA1] (means Input A(n1) is at level 1)
[IA0] (means Input A(n1) is at level 0)
[IB0] (means Input B(n2) is at level 0)

[OA1] (means output A(n1) set to level 1)
[OA0] (means output A(n1) set to level 0)
[OB1] (means output B(n2) set to level 1)

It's very simple to develop board and connections using this way.

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Serial interface Setting
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