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 Lane color for some fields

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PostSubject: Lane color for some fields   3/12/2013, 11:36

By modifying a default zoom, I reached a nice result (for me):

The next step is to color the background drivers field according with their lane.
Since the "lane" field has dinamic background, I took a look into the [my_zoom]_dw_[x].zoe, copying every information about the background from the "lane" row and paste them to the "pilote" row.

It works..but..

...when i try to modify that firls with right mouse button, the dinamic color disappear.
I'm sure that there's a missing parameter.. but I have no idea which is.
Every one of you tried (and found) someting like that?

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PostSubject: Re: Lane color for some fields   16/3/2014, 11:48

I'll give it a try in a minute - the club I'm with just got some extra monitors I'm going to have to rig up, so making the backgrounds match the lane colour will be a quicker fix, but it sounds to me the fix to this is a little simpler to achieve - get your layout physically put together as you want, AND then transfer the dynamic lane colour code to the appropriate file, save it up, and try not to fiddle with it after that.
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Lane color for some fields
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