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 Fuel calibration

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PostSubject: Fuel calibration   19/12/2013, 23:36

I have a strange problem.

When I want to race with the PCLC fuel management instead of the SCX fuel management, I normaly first calibrate the cars. Most of the time we race with 5 cars, each time on a different track. What I do is this: Put the first car on the track, start the calibration session (about 3 laps) and then apply the value to the car. Then I do the same for the other 4 cars.

So, in theorie all the cars should run for about 9 laps before they have to make an pitstop.

But then something stranges happens: when we start a race, with these settings, none of the cars reaches the estimated 9 laps. After 4 laps they allmost run out of fuel, and the 5th lap is for some cars allready too much. It looks just like they only manage to do half the distance.
To run with a fuelconsumption for around 9 laps I have to double the calibrated value in the car setting.

What can be the cause of this??
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Fuel calibration
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