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 Free software to detect motion : Ispyconnect

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PostSubject: Free software to detect motion : Ispyconnect   16/2/2014, 15:34

Ispy is a FREE open source program which can do the same as Zone Trigger, at least iSpy can detect cars like Zone Trigger but it can't detect Pit Stop (at this moment i didn't find a way to make it...)

You can download Ispy here: http://www.ispyconnect.com/download.aspx

so here are the steps to setup iSpy to detect cars on lane 1 and 2....

1.    install ispyconnect
2.     add a local camera
3.     right click on the camera screen and choose "edit"
4.    in the camera options you may want to increase the framerate to max. capacity of your device.
5.    go to tab motion detection
   here you can select the sensitivity of motion detection.
   also you can select different parts of the camera screen.
   unlike other motion detection software in this case you do NOT mask an area
   but you select an area to detect motion in it!this is what we need.
   so just hold the left mouse button and select an area maybe for lane number 1 like you would do with zone trigger.
6.    go to tab alert
   decrease timeout after alert to 1 second
   now select action "execute file" and push the add button next to it.
   in the new window you can enter the same parameters as with zone trigger.
   so file is ....triggerlane.exe
   argument in this case is "1"
7.    maybe you want to go to tab recording and select "no recording

now this should work perfectly for lane 1.
and here comes the workaround

8.     add another camera by clicking the add button
9.     select local camera
10.    click the very right tab "clone" and select the camera you already added in step 2.
   now you have a clone of your camera scree.
   go on with step 4.
differences: now mask only the second lane on the screen.
   and after selecting "execute file" enter the argument "2" for lane 2.
did not check with how many lanes it works.
just needed 4 and it worked great!

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PostSubject: Re: Free software to detect motion : Ispyconnect   17/2/2014, 22:01


I have been trialling this and think that Pit Lane support is actually achievable in the same way.
Just clone up the Pit Lane camera, and change the program to PitLane.exe /(laneno)

The trick is with the sensing - if the car is passing the detector too quickly, it won't cause a trigger to activate.
if the car slows down as if to park up in it's penalty bay, then it'll cause motion to pick up for a few seconds, enough to trigger an alert.
Wait out penalty, clear to go, and slowly speeding up to cause motion to be picked up.

These were my settings for testing...

Motion Detection Tab
Use Detector : Background Modelling
Trigger Range - Adjust to suit your camera
Colour Filtering - Apply Checkbox Not Used / Suppress Noise Ticked
Display Style - Object Tracking : Process Every 5 Frames (Helps on the processor power)
Auto Off - 0 seconds

Set Detection zone as appropriate.

Alerts Tab
Alerts Enabled Checkbox - Ticked
Mode - Movement : Value of 0.5 seconds
Distinct Alert Interval : 0
Actions : Execute C:\Program Files\PC Lap Counter

The only other way I can see it is if someone decides to write a plug in for iSpy.

Hope that gives some folks some ideas on how to acheive this for their tracks.
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Free software to detect motion : Ispyconnect
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