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 Request - Addition to Zoom Parameters

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PostSubject: Request - Addition to Zoom Parameters   16/3/2014, 12:10

Hey guy,

I beleive it is possible to launch Zoom Windows automatically by using a startup script on a hosting pc and selecting a view channel by using (Example code only!!)


c:/wherepclapcounteris/whatwasthenameagain.exe /V#
where # is between 1 & 9.

Would it possible to add a 'skin' file parameter? EG

c:/wherepclapcounteris/whatwasthenameagain.exe /V# /S c:/myzooms/awesomezoom.zoo

The reason i ask is that we have a club PC with a multiple monitor output. I note that in the .ZOO file of a skin, there's an X/Y co-ordinate which controls where the zoom window's top left position is assigned to. It would then mean i could write a startup script where, for example....


c:/wherepclapcounteris/whatwasthenameagain.exe /V1 /S c:/myzooms/awesomezoom1.zoo
c:/wherepclapcounteris/whatwasthenameagain.exe /V2 /S c:/myzooms/awesomezoom2.zoo

Would launch two differently skinned zooms on their own respective monitors, automatically each time, with the X & Y in each zoom's .ZOO adjusted to position it correctly. Or is there already a way to achieve this?
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PostSubject: Re: Request - Addition to Zoom Parameters   12/10/2014, 17:52

Interesting idea...

....but what if, instead of a parameter needed, PcLc simply remembers at startup if a zoom window (or more) was in place last session??
It seems more easy to achieve, isn't it?

(we use PcLc in a single PC with 2 monitors, and I always forget to launch the zoom windows in the 2nd)
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Request - Addition to Zoom Parameters
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