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 Car and Controller Rotations during Segments

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Mark L

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PostSubject: Car and Controller Rotations during Segments   17/7/2014, 05:25

I have a pure O2 setup. Just started using multiple segment heats. 4 cars, 4 drivers, which means 4 segments. Obviously this allows all drivers to drive each car during the race.

Two questions:

1. At the end of each segment, the display shows ranking for that segment. Is there a setting which will also show the ranking for race so far on the main screen? I know at the end of the race we have the final results pop up but we would like to see the overall ranking so far in the race, in-between every segment.

2. Since we rotate cars in-between segments, we also are currently exchanging the controllers that are programmed to each car. Not a big issue but the question has come up, is it possible for each driver to keep the same controller for the entire race, all 4 segments, and have the SW switch the linked car based the segment rotation?

Again I am using a pure 02 setup.


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Car and Controller Rotations during Segments
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