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 Individual car control

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PostSubject: Individual car control   7/10/2014, 16:23

I have a league with 11 drivers in it, and we all race pretty evenly. Where the problem is, is with the cars.
some cars are faster, and some cars have better brakes than others, and some have stronger magnets than others.
As it is now you can only change these settings in the drivers window. Which means every time we change cars we have to change the settings. we don't swap each others cars, we all drive our own cars. It would be nice if we could set each cars brakes and power levels by cars not drivers. this makes sense since drivers habits don't change, but all cars handle differently.
I am curious how many others would like to have this change implemented, Let's hear from you. the more you post about this the more likely Guy will implement this demand. Thanks for reading this and vote for this change. bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Individual car control   12/10/2014, 17:41

Pros and cons (IMHO, of course)

1) all the car settings of each car follows that car, not the driver
2) if someone else would drive my car, he inherits its settings
3) with lots of car per drivers, every settings is kept.

1) with lots of car per drivers, lots of cars page must be created.
2) a sort of "copy car settings to player page" is needed, each time a car is select, in order to keep the same information in the players page: I suppose large parts of the program takes a look to the Drivers page settings and changing the code (that works) is not such a good idea.
3) In every race, I have to set the drivers and their cars.
In my club where are 8 different championship and about 18 drivers, in every race creation I have to select the driver and assign the correct car in a 18*8=144 cars picklist!!!
4) If I need to reduce the players (car) speed during the race (i.e. penalty) ..it's going to be a mess!
(now it's quite easy)

I'ts an interesting idea... but I think cons are more than pros.
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Individual car control
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