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 Delayed start-per-driver...

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PostSubject: Delayed start-per-driver...    12/10/2014, 18:52

The goal: let's make the option "at segment end, drivers must finish their laps" suitable for analogue standard races.

Restarting every segment at the s/f line could be a good idea in a standard analogue way of race ("drivers race on all lanes"), beacuse it means:
1) easy and quickly re-arranging the next segments (cars are all in the same points and only one marshall can do everything
2) very-very-very useful in a "drivers race" where drivers change car every segment (the cars remains on their lane)
3) no more "sectors" around the track (and no need to add sectors as decimals of laps at the end of the race)

During some test, in order to use that option, I realize it doesn't fit a standard club analogue.
In every segment, time gap between drivers are lost or "converted" in a +1 lap if the car crossed the s/f line before the end of the segment or not. (Yes. at the end of the race, drivers with same laps stands in order of less time on the track.., but is doesn't solve the problem)

Now, PcLc, with that option, at the end of the segment, switch off the power for each car passed across the finish line... ...why not keep the time needed to reach the s/f line for each driver... and delay the next start of each player with the same amount of time?

It seems a bit messy (someone starts quicky.. others after seconds..) but this way keeps the gap time between drivers.

Of course, this way HAVE TO be (de)selectable, in order to keep the standard behaviour available, adding a checkbox :
[  ] keep the delay for the next segment
(tickable only is the "at segment end.." checkbox is ticked.)

I hope I'm not the only one who looks for a race type like that... in any case..

2nd demand:
is a driver cannot finish his lap (i.e. car damaged or retired), can PcLc stop the segment anyway automatically  after the "Alert Lap Time" ??

Thank you for reading.
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Delayed start-per-driver...
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