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 RFID car identification

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PostSubject: RFID car identification   10/12/2014, 22:21

before the text, i am sorry for my poor english. But if i can take a question.
It could be this:

Could be possible to add a functionality that will helps  a lot of users?
I mean the adding of support for Wiegand 26/34 protocol. It is very simple and universal.
This protocol use most of RFID readers and could be usefull for detection when Car cross the Start/Finish line.
It could be controlled by ARDUINO with very simple skatch that use as the decoder / converter. If the PCLC be expanded for a simple string like [RFWxxx] where xxx is ID of transponder?

I think, that it could be wonderfull christmas gift for a lot of users and it would greatly facilitate the sale of your software  which would be the most popular.

And if  there is anybody who has the same idea or know, how to use PCLC and Arduino with RFID reader and Wiegand interface for a car detection in start/finish, please take the description here or contact me on email.

here is the description of wiegand 26 protocol (two wires):


P - MSB/LSB Parity bit (one at the start and one at the end of packet)
F - facility code (8-bit)
T - transponder number (16-bit)


Kind regards

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RFID car identification
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