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 Fuelmeter NEW ANIMATION GIF pictures not work

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PostSubject: Fuelmeter NEW ANIMATION GIF pictures not work   26/3/2016, 05:22

Hi Guy.

First, excuse me for the language.

Some time ago fuelmeter perform these GIFs without any problem for two year:

Anyway, I have tried to test an idea about doing an animated GIF only fuel0:

Because we have rookie drivers, required to draw attention to reduce collisions by slow car, when you insert the image in the directory pclap and proceed to Test on the screen circuit, apparently all worked well until the car began to refuel... instead of rising fuel level (change to image "fuel1.gif, fuel2"...etc), the animated image was still frozen in "fuel0.gif" throughout the race (the animated gif works being without changing to "fuel1.gif", it would ideally) ... therefore this idea is useless:

Therefore, I wonder what may be due or could be solved this detail for a next program update this individual case with animated GIFs in fuelmeter.


Note: if you like it, gladly cede these images of Fuelmeter to have it at your disposition. Just contact me to proceed to send the file to package it for executable and put it in the download section.
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PostSubject: Re: Fuelmeter NEW ANIMATION GIF pictures not work   22/6/2016, 14:19

I like this idea (animated GIF)

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Fuelmeter NEW ANIMATION GIF pictures not work
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