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 Some news of Pc Lap Counter for SCX WOS system

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PostSubject: Some news of Pc Lap Counter for SCX WOS system   24/4/2016, 19:56

Here is some news of Pc Lap Counter for SCX WOS system:

As you know, see Ole website, at this moment the interface to connect the SCX WOS system to the computer is ready but Pc Lap Counter is not yet updated for SCX WOS, why ?
Because at this moment we didn't find a way to have stable data without connecting the interface directlty to the powerbase. If we connect the new interface to a track piece then the data is not stable in quality.
To have stable data we have to connect the interface directly to the powerbase, we need to open the powerbase and add 2 wires mounted inside and of course this mean that you will loose the warranty of the constructor.

Because of this, we both (Ole, Sven and me) decided to not investigate more in the SCX WOS system until SCX release their application. We hope to be able to find a solution which is user friendly to install as today without loosing warranty.
Cross the fingers that there will be a wireless solution transmission available one day.


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PostSubject: SCX WOS app uses audio port   29/12/2016, 13:31

Hi Guy,

the scx woss app which was in itunes for a couple of days in mid december is using the audio port on the wos powerbase for data transfer.

So it is no wireless data transfer.

You have to use a 3,5mm male to male jack cable with 4 channels.

Regards from Germany

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Some news of Pc Lap Counter for SCX WOS system
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