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 SCP controls over-ridden when PCLapCounter (5.39) is running

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PostSubject: SCP controls over-ridden when PCLapCounter (5.39) is running   19/4/2017, 16:30

So I'm not too sure what is going on here but when I'm using my SCP-2 and PCLapCounter is NOT running I can adjust all the controls on the remote and the cars respond accordingly.

When I start PCLapCounter and start a race the controls no longer have an effect on the car.
This became very apparent yesterday when all my cars appeared to have no braking. All cars did NOT brake but simply coasted to a halt. Adjusting brake settings on the remote made no difference.

On other occasions PCLapCounter has had the same effect as turning the Curve control to 10 and all the throttle/brake control only happens when the trigger is nearly pressed in.

Usually this can be fixed either by restarting PCLapCounter or re-booting the PC.

I am running races with fuel.
What is going on?

Also a point I raised before in another thread:
Because the Oxigen Ghost car feature is broken in PCLapCounter I now run Ghost Mode on the Controller.
When starting a New Race & just before the start lights come up on screen the Ghost car jumps forward (as if PCLapCounter momentarily instructs Car power on).
This can also be replicated by keeping my finger on a non-ghost car.
I was running 5.40 and this problem only seemed to occur after that update. However I have since downgraded to 5.39 and the problem persists.

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Number of posts : 10
Registration date : 2017-01-25

PostSubject: Re: SCP controls over-ridden when PCLapCounter (5.39) is running   28/4/2017, 18:46

Any response on this?
Happened again last night and brakes failed at the end of a 5m straight, car flew off but thankfully saved by track fencing (which is now broken).
This is a slightly different problem as the brakes were working but at a reduced capacity, cars would only coast.
I normally have my braking set quite hard so that I can brake sharply before a corner. When running without PcLapCounter the cars will stop very quickly, last night only would coast once a race is started.
Restarted PCLC and all worked fine for the rest of the evening.

I have tried turning off race with fuel to see if that had any impact on the performance but none that I can see.
PC spec is a Gigabyte Brix i5.
Note, Slot.it Chronos works fine.



OK Update on this - I just had this happen today with PCLC not running.
Computer had started up as it comes on when my track is powered on. However I had not started PCLC, didn't even look at the computer. Braking was rubbish. Shut down the computer, turned off the SCP's and took the cars off the track.
Powered on the SCP's placed cars back on the track and braking had returned.

Will post on one of the slot.it forums.
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SCP controls over-ridden when PCLapCounter (5.39) is running
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