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 Fuel management analogic with no pit detector, no power ctrl

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PostSubject: Fuel management analogic with no pit detector, no power ctrl   12/11/2006, 00:32

Some things that I would like to discuss with you ( Exclamation Keep in mind that I have no power control)

1) I would like to use the pitstop time, set in Race type, just as the minimum time one must spend in a pitstop. With fuel management, I would like to load fuel untill I pass again through the lap counter.

Example: The car is set to make a pitstop at 2nd lap. It pass the lap detector for the 2nd time, then the pitstop start to count, when the pitstop time finish, I would like to stay more time in the pits, to load more fuel.

Idea Idea about how it could work: I have no power cut. I would add to the average lap time, the pit stop time, I would start to refuel after that average time, and will not let the car pass untill the pitstop time is reached, but if the car still not passed, I would continue refueling. This way I can change my strategy.

2) I would like, that the start of the pitstop lap start with the sound of pit-in. At least for those of us that doesn't have a pit detector.

3) When the car goes out of pits, would be good not to make the sound of "to long time for a lap R2-D2", because it was not a bad lap, but a pit-stop lap. Idea I would do the sound corresponding to the time left if substracting the pit-stop time to the total lap time.

4) pale I hope next year, I can build some detector, for making pit detector and I will change my RMS detector and will add a real lap detector.

Thanks. Eduardo.
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Fuel management analogic with no pit detector, no power ctrl
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