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 Team race - Race Night with 24 Racers in 6 lanes

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PostSubject: Team race - Race Night with 24 Racers in 6 lanes   8/1/2007, 00:42

Hello Guy,

I have a problem i have tried all day to solve. Hopefully you can help me with this.

We are planning a race night with 24 guys in 6 Teams on a 6 lane track. I have tried to set this up with Heats editor under Race settings, and this is where the problems start....

To try to explain, i have to set up the teams:

Jan Erik



Tore S

Tom Erik

Red Bull:

If i put all 24 drivers in the list, and mark that drivers should race on all lanes: Then press Generate. The program generates 24 heats. But......

Arve is driving in: Heat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. This is not good.. Because we want to spread the driving equally over the evening. So that Arve is driving in: Heat 1, 5, 9, 13, 17 and 21.

This is how the list looks then:

Segment Piste Pilote Team Car EndLap rotation BackGroundColor Textcolor Newseg
1 1 Arve Toyota Australia 0 0 16777215 1
1 2 Frank Ferrari France 0 255 0 0
1 3 Kenneth Williams Great Britain 0 21004543 0 0
1 4 Petter Alladin Oil Italy 0 65535 0 0
1 5 Pål Jordan Swiss 0 65280 0 0
1 6 Anton Red Bull USA 0 32768 16777215 0
2 1 Preben Red Bull Australia 0 0 16777215 1
2 2 Jan Erik Toyota France 0 255 0 0
2 3 Geir Ferrari Great Britain 0 21004543 0 0
2 4 Kjetil Williams Italy 0 65535 0 0
2 5 Stefan Alladin Oil Swiss 0 65280 0 0
2 6 Tom Erik Jordan USA 0 32768 16777215 0

Every thing is then ok with the drivers equally spread over the complete race. (The country name is the name of the car Scalextric A1GP Cars)

If i then press ok and start the race everything is perfect. After the race i print the results, and want to start the next heat. If i then press start i hope that heat nr 2 starts, but it does not.. It start again with heat nr 1.
If i press rotate, the program say: No need to make Lane rotation!!! Continue? If i press yes, the next heat is displayed, but when i press start it still start heat nr 1????

Can you please help me here? I don't know what to do..

Sorry if this was a little long post, but it was the only way i could explain it Wink

Best regards

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PostSubject: Re: Team race - Race Night with 24 Racers in 6 lanes   8/1/2007, 01:20


Here is a exemple to set a 24H race:

1) Enter the driver in the driver management:

2) Enter the team in the team management and put driver in team:

3) In the race setting set team on lanes and specify the rotation sequence:

4) Specify that is a 24H race (or other):
Number of segment and segment time depend how many lanes you have.
For a 24H race it's important to set the race length to 23:59:59 (When entering 23:59:59 Pc Lap Counter will consider that the race length is 24H)

That's all

- If you know in advance the driver order in each team you can specify the driver sequence in the team management and during rotation Pc LapC ounter will also update automaticaly the driver:

Of couse during the race you can change the driver by using the update button and enter directly the driver ID or change manualy by choosing the driver name:

Here is a video showing how to setup a team race :