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 Fuel management, analog

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PostSubject: Fuel management, analog   14/3/2007, 14:01

Hi Guy,

We are running a 6-lane Carrera track with a Dontronics box to control trackpower, and DS-300 boxes and lightbridge - no problems there.

We would like to take full advantage of the fuel management system.
We have been playing a bit around with the settings, and can't really seem to get it to work the way we want it Question

The major question is: How does the system know that a car has pitted to re-fuel?

Do we just need to add the Phidgetboards as sold by our good friend Les in Pennsylvania, and then pitstops are detected and the car re-fueled, or is there more to it.

Best regards,

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PostSubject: Re: Fuel management, analog   14/3/2007, 20:32

Hi henrik,

Yes i think Phidget interface kit is the best solution for that , for exemple you can use a push button connected to Phidget interface to ask a refueling (pit in) and if you press again the push button it will stop refueling (pit out).
What you need for that:
Phidget interface kit 8/8/8 or 0/16/16 and a push button for each lane, i suggest you consult your Phidget reseller (Main line hobbies) to know which interface kit you exactly need because 8/8/8 have analogic input , 0/16/16 have only digital input and i don't know if you can connect push button to analogic or/and digital input.



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Fuel management, analog
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