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 Adjustable Fuelrate

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PostSubject: Adjustable Fuelrate   7/4/2007, 19:15


What about a factor for the fuel rate. so we can adjust the rate for more than standard throttle and less standard throttle.

situation is: i race with ssd an dplan to adjust the rate following: if you go slow 3 pit stops, normal 4 stops fast 5 pit stops.

for this ther emust be a bigger differnt between slow and fast. perhaps you could build in a factor like: actual/normal*factor*actual

then you would get a bigger gap between slow and fast.
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PostSubject: Re: Adjustable Fuelrate   9/4/2007, 15:35

You can do it by ajusting the consumption rate by car, for exemple in the car database you can enter for a Porsche :
- Porsche Slow
- Porsche Normal
- Porsche Fast
and set different consumption rate for each car and give different car to driver's according their performance.

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Adjustable Fuelrate
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