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 .GIF vs .BMP vs .JPG - Which Works Best?

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PostSubject: .GIF vs .BMP vs .JPG - Which Works Best?   15/4/2007, 15:40

Which file format (.GIF, .BMP, or .JPG) for the car or driver pictures gives the best performance with PC Lap Counter? Question

I am ready to load pictures into the data base, so I would like to choose the best format for the program.

I have read that car picture files should not be larger than 20 Kb in size.

This is not a problem, but I see that the included car pictures in PC Lap Counter use the .BMP format, and the included helmet pictures use the .GIF format. Was there a reason for the different picture formats?

I have found that car pictures in the .JPG format are smaller in size than .BMP files, for the same (85x44) resolution. However, I believe the .BMP files are uncompressed, whereas the .JPG files are compressed.

So, perhaps PC Lap Counter works faster with one format compared to the other?

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.GIF vs .BMP vs .JPG - Which Works Best?
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