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 Simulating tire wear

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PostSubject: Simulating tire wear   1/5/2007, 10:10

Hiya all,

Been thinking over the weekend on how to improve the racing on my SSD track at home. I use PClapcounter and the fuel setting but the only strategy with this depends on how much you want to refuel each time. if you want an even race between 2 people then you have to set the fuel rate the same so even that strategy goes out the window.

I love the idea of using a pit lane so the only other variable to help with pitting is to include tire wear. Now in an ideal world the software could slow down your car depending on how much tire wear you have, but as the signals are only from SSD (not to the PB) then this is not possible.

So I have been trying to come up with different ways we can simulate tire wear through a software solution, or at least to simulate if you change tires during a pit stop and how that can give you an advantage over another driver who does not change tires.

My ideas so far are:

1. When you change tires, the software asks you to press combinations of the brake/LC button. The faster you do it, the quicker your pitstop.

2. If you change tires, you get a better fuel rate than a competitor who does not change tires. Perhaps a middle rate if you only change 2 tires.

3. A tire wear gauge depending on the throttle you use, this would work similar to the fuel usage, but maybe picks up on more severe changes in throttle for more wear, or large changes from slow to fast like a burnout. You could add time to a pitstop after fuel depending on the amount of wear shown on the gauge.

4. A tire wear gauge simialr to 3, but also can add in random events ( or events based on throttle usage) for slow punctures or blow-outs, requiring a pitstop to rectify. A time penalty could be added depending on how long it takes you to pit your car once the penalty is issued or it stops counting laps until you pit.

What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: Simulating tire wear   27/5/2007, 14:51

I'll second this idea. I especially like the random events... it makes it more like a realistic race (would also need to be for analogue tracks though).
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PostSubject: Pit stop strategies   28/5/2007, 12:51


I think you can do the following with the fuel strategy to get more excitement from the races.

All cars go qualifying with 50% of fuel. Your consumption is about 4% per lap. The pole position car gets an extra 50% of remaining fuel, the second (40%), 3(30%), 4(20%) and 5(10%).
This gives more fun during the race. You should try to come with a race of 140% fuel consumption. This way you have pilots having 2 pitstops, others only one or a very quick second pitstop.

Here is what i do. It works very well. I admit that tyre wear management would still increase the fun we can have but won't all this functionnalities be too difficult to manage in a program which must take into account digital and non-digital systems from various manufacturer (SCX, Scalextric, ...)
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PostSubject: Re: Simulating tire wear   

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Simulating tire wear
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