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 Dealing with retirements

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PostSubject: Dealing with retirements   29/7/2007, 10:54

Hi Guy,

In our club races we have a rule for car retirements (e.g. if they land upside down or completely leave the track) - the marshals/race controller need to be able to tell PC Lapcounter that a car has retired and not keep waiting for it to finish at the end of the race (we have to press "Stop" to end the race in these circumstances).

I wondered if we could have a panel where we can set up key combinations to be used while a race is running to quickly mark a car/lane as retired (e.g. Alt+1, or Ctrl+4, etc.). And now we have the database function, possibly also an extra field of information so a reason can be typed in (e.g. crash Turn 1, motor overheated etc.).

So maybe you press your key combination and it pops up a little dialog box "Mark Car 2 Retired?" with a little text input window on it, OK and Cancel buttons. You can type a reason or just click OK or hit return to do it, or cancel if it was a mistake. In real F1 timing, retired cars are shown with "STOP" in the timing field so maybe this can happen on PCL too? Very Happy

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Dealing with retirements
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