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 automatic track call

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PostSubject: automatic track call   28/9/2007, 12:23

Hi Guy

I have just ordered the following phidget boards

0/0/4 and =0/16/16 in order to have a fully functional lapcounter and track power control

We have been using the software for some time, at occasionally experiencing missed lap counts. As far as I have learned this is due to bad LPT port in XP - thus buying hardware that works 200%

Here to the "demand":
I have read through the manual concerning track calls, and also the function that if 2 cars pass the same detector faster than the minimum lap time, only 1 lap is counted - however 2 weeks ago we were racing at Racefun (Denmark ) who has a Danish developed system. Here they had an extra feature that started an automatic track call if 2 cars passed the detectors within the minimum lap time.

Is this feature available in PC Lapcounter or would you considder to implement it? (ought to be quite simple)


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PostSubject: Re: automatic track call   30/9/2007, 21:23

Don't think i will implement it because it will disturb all drivers, imaging this feature on a 24H race like the 24H of BSC with 24 teams !
As you know if a car deslot near the S/F line the car can trigger the wrong detector and so it may reach the min lap time, making a automatic track call will stop everybody...don't think drivers will like that pale
I will ask to the organisator of the 24H of BSC what they think about this feature but i think they will prefer to keep the actual feature: when a lap time is bigger than the alert time then Pc Lap Counter display the lap time in red and if a team consider that there is a missing lap then they ask to the race director to verify the lap's history. cheers

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automatic track call
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