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 Stop & Go - Accident simulation

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PostSubject: Stop & Go - Accident simulation   14/10/2007, 16:05

Hi all,
I have received this demand (from Svenh) and i just want to know if other people are interested (this will work only with SSD and Scx Digital) ?

Car is leaving the track and depending on the time it takes to put the car back, we could simulate an accident.
if the car reaches a certain damage level, the car might be forced to stop in the pit for a certain period of time where the car have to be repaired and/or refueled.

Advantage of this feature:
I am not aware that anybody is having such a feature yet J And it brings more reality into the race. This function could be used for Scalextric as well as you can read the throttle value.

Functional description (proposal)
1. 4 damage level are available: light, medium, severe damage, total damage
2. When car leaves the track, PCLC could recognise on how long no throttle values are not being created.
Note: if a car is within the pit, we need to be careful as not throttle level is being send when refueling or we keep it easy and always reset the damage level.
3. The damage level could be shown within a separate car damage column with an icon.
4. User can define the times of the different levels
light damage x sec total, example 5 sec
medium damage y sec total, example 15 sec
severe damage z sec total, example 30 sec
total damage zz total, example 50 sec
5. Every time the car leaves the track, the time ,where no throttle positions is recognised, is
measured and all times are accumulated
6. Example: first time car leaves the track = 5 sec no throttle value, second time = 10 sec, third time = 15 sec no throttle value.
After the first time the car leaves the track, the car has a light damage. With the second time the 5 + 10 = 15 sec, the car is medium damaged. If the time would have been less, the total value would be less the 15 sec of course and damage level remains light damage.
After the 3rd time the car left the track for 15 sec, the total time would be 30 sec which would mean the car is severly damaged. If a car reaches the severe damage level, the car has x laps time (user can define this) to go into the pit. If the driver is leaving the track again during this time, and the total time reaches the level 50 sec, the driver is disqualified.
But if the driver is going into the pit, the car is repair and refueled. Total damage value resets.
Note: Optional function, the damage level could be decreased depending on the time the car was within the pit ( but that could be an enhancement)
7. Every time the user is going into the pit and refueling, it clears/resets the value as we could simulate repair and refueling

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PostSubject: Re: Stop & Go - Accident simulation   15/10/2007, 00:33

Hello Guy,
thanks for posting the idea.
I think this will bring more reality into the race and especially within the digital world where we could recognise it, would make the races much more real.

Driver would drive more carefully. I had an official race event and I am sure there would have been less accidents if such a function would have been available.

Hope there are other drivers who like the idea
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PostSubject: Re: Stop & Go - Accident simulation   15/10/2007, 20:19

It couldn't be different for me.
I think it's a great idea, and it could improve more our races, so people would be more accurate, and would be races more precises.

I will ask to our web users about, but Guy, I think that I will have an avalaunch of pettitions.
Let me ask them.

By other side, I will think about, and will send you my opinion 'how to'.
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PostSubject: Re: Stop & Go - Accident simulation   18/10/2007, 01:32

Accident Simulation:
It is very interesting but not sure if we can use it because sometimes cars might have no power for no fault of the driver (waiting for accident to clear because track is blocked etc).

We have a slightly modified idea how to implement the above. We are using Scalextric Sport Digital and there are not enough of us for marshals or a race controller so we have to do our own.


The stop and go penalty is very useful feature. We are planning to use it during a race to give ourselves a penalty (to try to discourage bad driving habits) - if we come of the track or knock someone else off. The problem at the moment is we have to go to the keyboard to enter the CTRL Car# to create the stop & go.

Request : Is there a way of using another throttle combination to activate a stop & go from a drivers station rather than having to go to the keyboard.

At the moment when the brake & lane change buttons to activate the pit stop (after 2 seconds). Is there any other way we can signal to tell PCLC to start a stop & go penalty?
How about pressing the brake button only for say 3 seconds (we would never do this during racing - the brake button time is way less)

So for a regular Pit Stop
Car goes to pit lane
Car stops (no throttle)
If no pit entry activation available - Press Brake / Lane Change button to start the Pit Stop
PCLC refuels as normal
Go etc

For a Driver to activate Stop & Go Penalty because he crashes or knocks somebody off:-

Now there is a crash - and your car comes off. Car is replaced in the pit lane (where it is safe does not block the track whilst the driver getting back to his controller
Car is stationary in pit lane
Press Brake Button only (>3 sec) to activate the Stop & Go
Driver hears PCLC sound and can see on monitor his Stop & Go penalty is set up
Press Brake / Lane Change to start a "Pit Stop" and then serve the stop and go penalty
Go etc
Back to racing
All the above could also work without a pit lane - the car is just off the track instead of the pit lane.

Pc Lapcounter counts the accidents / stop & go penalties
Now here is the idea where PCLC can be helpful. PCLC can count the number of stop and go penalties each driver gets. So - first one is minor - PCLC only gives driver a 5 second penalty. Next time - (user defined) 10sec, then 15, 20 etc...

Now PcLapcounter will penalize (bad) driving incrementally - so if you crash a lot - you get longer and longer penalties.
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PostSubject: Re: Stop & Go - Accident simulation   18/10/2007, 01:46

Should add to the above that the present keyboard activation (CTRL car#) remains so you can set a stop and go either from the computer OR from the driver controller
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PostSubject: accident simulation   28/11/2007, 06:11

Hi Guy I think this idea is a great one to make races more interesting and
encourage drivers to drive better around the track instead of just flat stick! I have designed my track along those lines where by on several corners if you dont slow down to take the corner you will have an accident!
At the moment i am running scalectrix digital and have pitstops using the lane change button and throttle for out!I have a seperate accident button at drivers position which sets of flashing yellow lights and zone triggers pauses race for us to fix up crashed car.It also cuts power to the track so all cars stop where they are on the track until we restart the race.
In regards to the no throttle and your damage, this would obviusly be a problem ie all cars would have no throttle!I believe that the actual penalty should still be enforced by us the drivers or marshals if you have them.
What i would look at is maybe a setup similar to my accident switch but a seperate light for at most 6 cars which is lit up when a driver has an off and zone trigger tells pclap counter and pc lap counter keeps a tally of each cars accidents and when a driver reaches a nominated amount, it automaticly sends a stop and go penalty for the offending driver. This would mean all the drivers or marshal has to do is push a button to alot
blame/penalty for accident, Currently we allow three crashes and then we give a driver a stop go penatly,I can see it is a similar suggestion to pushing a button on the controller.I just feel a penalty needs to be seen to be activated by all drivers and relying on some to give them selves a penalty is dubvious, not saying im racing againts crims or such, just no one likes loosing tee hee!
I can see where the no throttle gives control of the penaties to pc lac counter,if you can come up with a way around that method affecting drivers when they just stop for a blocked track then it would suit everyone!

keep up the great work
happy racing
glengtl1 santa
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PostSubject: Re: Stop & Go - Accident simulation   1/12/2007, 19:44

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PostSubject: Re: Stop & Go - Accident simulation   30/3/2010, 16:34

This would be great!
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PostSubject: Re: Stop & Go - Accident simulation   

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Stop & Go - Accident simulation
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