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 PC Lap Counter and PB Pro = Best solution to race alone

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PostSubject: PC Lap Counter and PB Pro = Best solution to race alone   28/10/2007, 22:13

Hi to all Scalextric fans !

I would like to share with you my experiences with PB Pro and a software like PC Lap Counter and the way it makes Scalextric so exciting.

First of all, like many of us, i'm often alone to play Scalex and i would like to have tough races competing with other cars and with fuel management.

All this is possible with PB Pro (Thank You so much RichG, Andy, ... for the job). But, the problem is that a ghost car can't go refueling by itself and worse will it your car in the pits if you enabled lane changes for your ghost cars.

Here's what i do and i would like people to give here ideas on how you manage your races (if you race alone) and what you think of it.

I have 7 cars racing 7 segments (defined in PC Lap Counter) of 2 minutes each with lane (ID) rotation.
Each car races with every ID (1 to 7).
Only cars 1, 2 and 3 are on track on a segment.
I control car ID 1 and Cars ID 2 and 3 are ghost cars without lane change (preventing entering pit lane).
The goal is to go quicker than both ghost cars and you have to make a pit stop to refuel car ID 1 (the one you control) at each segment (Each car racing 3 times 2 minutes, you have to calibrate the fuel consumption to only refuel once per car)
As you drive with each car and each car races 3 times (thanks to ID rotation) you have very nice races you can organize alone at home.

Bad thing is that you have to program pace cars (ID and speed) every segment for Car ID 2 and 3 but with PB Pro, it's so easy it only takes a few seconds.

I would like to share your opinion and ideas of racing alone before improvements on PB Pro (Speed depending on fuel, ...)

We can imagine other things we can already do today like having more consumption for some cars or cars with greater or less tank, ...

Enjoy !

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PC Lap Counter and PB Pro = Best solution to race alone
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