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 False start detection

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PostSubject: False start detection   1/12/2007, 07:07

I have a reliable and working trackmate interface installed as per the instructions with remote relay track call.

PCL was easy to setup with the interface with no problems, we will give it a test run under race conditions to test for reliable lap counts probably next week…but I am confident that there will be no problems as the trackmate interface has proven itself as reliable. The trackmate track call button also works well with PCL. Very Happy

However, I am having difficulty getting false start detection to cut/apply power to the offending lanes. I have installed a parallel cable from PC to a Dontronics box:

Lane 1 = pin 2
2 = pin 3
3 = pin 4
4 = pin 5

When I manually click “test activate” OR “test deactivate”, power control is functioning properly at the dontronics unit (i checked with multimeter), seams like the software does not send a signal to activate or deactivate the relays when in race mode.

Thanks in advance and great work Exclamation
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PostSubject: Re: False start detection   1/12/2007, 15:53

Hi Ferrari,

I simulate your problem and when the fuel option "Set lane power OFF during pitstop...." is not ticked then false start did not cut the power pale
Normaly that option is only for race with fuel management and not have to influence the false start procedure and so it's a bug affraid
I fix that bug, to install the correction just redownload beta of Pc Lap Counter 4.46 (i have published new beta today at 13H00 GMT+1)


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False start detection
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