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 DS light brigde - does it work with phidget?

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PostSubject: DS light brigde - does it work with phidget?   30/4/2008, 00:32

Hi all

I have been away from the forum for quite a while (racing like crazy) :-)

But now have a question - we will be running a 12 hrs long distance race on the 24th may and in that connection want to add fuel management to our analogue track

For the purpose we are considering to buy a ds-lightbridge and then connect this to our phidget card - has anyone done this - perhaps even have schematics for the pin assignment on the ds DIN connectors?

The idea is that when the car stop under the bridge thus blocking the light -the car will be start the pitstop. Is this possible simply by adding a power supply to the bridge and install the cables to our phidget instead?

Hope someone has tried this..... and with success

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DS light brigde - does it work with phidget?
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