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 We are hosting a race on saturday 13.09 and need help

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PostSubject: We are hosting a race on saturday 13.09 and need help   10/9/2008, 01:03

Hi Guy (and others)

On saturday we are hosting a race event in our club with 20-25 competitors going to race.

The setup we are looking for should do the following:

we setup all the drivers for the first drivethrough - racing with rotation

with e.g. 24 drivers this will add up to 6 races - where everybody is to race on each lane in 4 minute stints on each track (using rotation, but not the standard 1,2,3,4 but instead looking for 1,3,2,4).

Afthe the first 6 races are completed we would like to have a summary of the results showing the positions of all drivers.

Then everybody is going to race again, this time the best 4 in the first heat, thereafter following places 5-8, 9-12,13-16, 17-20, 21-24

Is it possible to have PCL to all this on it's own also ending up with a result for each "heat" - where the driver who has driven most laps in either race 1 or race 2 is the winnner?

Hope above is not to confusing - -- and that someone is able to help Smile

Waiting for your quick response

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PostSubject: Re: We are hosting a race on saturday 13.09 and need help   10/9/2008, 15:56

Hi Lars,

Unfortunately PCLC can't do that on it's own because:
- PCLC can't display the final classement of different races together (classement of race1 and race2 together is not possible)
- PCLC can't start a new race base on a classement of another race.

For that kind of event i think people use extra tools like Excel to put all races classement together, maybe somebody here have some Excel files to share Question

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We are hosting a race on saturday 13.09 and need help
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