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 Audible sound when starting each segment.

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PostSubject: Audible sound when starting each segment.   3/8/2009, 01:11

Hello All;

Our little group has been using this software for sometime now but only as follows:- Individual races as via 'NEW RACE' option. Names of drivers put in MANUALLY each race.

We are just starting to use the software as follows now:- 1 RACE = 4 Segments of 10 Laps. Software set to 'All Drivers MUST complete 10 laps'. Segments - LANES rotate from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 etc. Track consists of '4 Lanes'.

Is it possible to get an 'audible start' as "5,4,3,2,1 HORN" for the start of each segment rather than just the begining of the 1st Segment?

How is the option normally used. Is it normally LAPS per segment or TIME per segment???? Do you also select the 'All drivers to complete option' ?

Can you please tell me what the 'Inter - Segment of' option is used for when selecting the 'Time Limited' type of race.

Great Software.

Any help or guidance would be most welcome.

regards Graham. Cool

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PostSubject: Re: Audible sound when starting each segment.   6/8/2009, 02:18

I don't know why but I wanted the same, suddenly it is happening now.
After each segment, when I push restart, it starts the countdown.

I can't remember if Guy teach me after I asked the same you are asking, or if it is happening because I am using the version 4.58.

I will check if I did something to the config and i will tell you.

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Audible sound when starting each segment.
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