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 Round Robin - Confusing interface

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PostSubject: Round Robin - Confusing interface   15/11/2010, 02:27


I find the PCLC interface somewhat confusing. Having no track currently to test on, I have tried running simulated races on the computer, starting PCLC stating keyboard as the input. This works fine.

Then it gets confusing.

To start a new heat (segment) you can either select "Rotat", and nothing happens. Or you can press "Restart", and nothing happens. I have to select "Countdown", and select "Pause Race " to actually start next heat. It's hard to understand tat this is the intended sequence. I am obviously missing something.

Can someone explain (preferably in some detail) how a round robin race shall be managed. If for example 8 drivers will face each other, in both lanes (56 heats in total), how will this best be managed. The generation of heats, and randomization works fine. Its getting the next heat underway thats difficult. And, sometimes, when selecting the wrong option, suddenly the race is ended and there is no way back in? Or am I missing something here too?

And, how do I get the standings (the points) for the drivers during the race (inbetween heats)?


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PostSubject: Re: Round Robin - Confusing interface   15/11/2010, 13:39

Don't forget that the demo version is limited to 10 laps and therefore the race will stop after 10 laps Wink
To start the race just click on the "start" button, at this end of the first heat Pc Lap Counter will automaticaly pause the race , when you are ready to start the next heat click on the "rotat" button and after on the "restart" button, if you forget to click on the "rotat" and you click on "restart" button then Pc Lap Counter will display a warning message and will invite you to make the rotation for you.

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Round Robin - Confusing interface
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