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PostSubject: LAP NOT COUNTED WHEN OUT OF FUEL [done 5.13]   12/3/2011, 14:11

Hello Guy,

I ran into this problem:

In the options settings under Fuel the possibility is given to "end the race when the car is out of fuel" and "if set to NO driver race is not finished but lap will not be counted"

This is the problem for me: Even if out of fuel I DO want the lap to be counted. (so maybe make it selectable if you want a lap to count or not)

Because: My pitlane is parallel to the start/finish straight. The pitlane has 4 pitboxes with Phidgets sensors for refuelling.
2 Of the boxes are just before you pass the st/finish line and the other 2 are just behind the start/finish line.
So if you ran out of fuel and you have to go to refuel in one of the boxes before the st/finish line, all is ok (no fuel, pitstop made>>fuel again, drive over start finish>>lap is counted)
But if you have to refuel in a pitbox just PAST the start/finish, you cross the line when OUT of FUEL, so your lap is LOST...

(The track is fixed, so I cannot move the st/finish line to the end of the straight. (And it would not look "realistic" either) The "penalty" I have for out of fuel is that the speed of the car is limited to only 50% speed, (in fuel menu selection throttle versus tank level) with PBPro)) so there is no reason to have "another" penalty by not counting the lap...)

So Guy, hopefully you can make it so that you can select when out of fuel:
a) race for that driver is ended
b) race not ended, but lap not counted until refuelled; or the last option:
c) race not ended, and lap IS counted

Best regards,
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PostSubject: Re: LAP NOT COUNTED WHEN OUT OF FUEL [done 5.13]   25/4/2011, 22:30

Done in version 5.13, you can download version 5.13 at www.pclapcounter.be
In the out of fuel options add "nothing happens"

pclapcounter video channel
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